«We will fight to achieve justice», the Transitional Council in South Yemen confirms


Sat, 30-01-2021 02:18 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

In South Yemen, the Southern Transitional Council (STC) renewed its commitment to the principles of democracy and human rights, freedom of expression and the achievement of justice.

"The STC affirmed the principles of fair democracy, respect for human rights, tolerance of religions, respect for freedom of expression and the press, the rejection of racism, and the rights of women and children," the STC Vice President, Hani Bin Brek, said on twitter. 

A recent report by the Panel of Experts on Yemen accused the parties to the conflict in Yemen of committing human rights violations. The report also mentioned the Southern Transitional Council.

According to Ben Brek, these principles were affirmed "from the start of the council," and "we will strive to achieve justice."

The STC, which represents most of the political forces in South Yemen, had signed, in November 2019, the Riyadh Agreement with the Yemeni government, which resulted in the announcement of a new parity government last December, and an end to hostilities in South Yemen.

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