Abyan: Several Killed and Wounded in an Air Strike in a Government Camp


Sun, 04-07-2021 04:56 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

About 20 people killed and wounded, in a missile attack targeting a government camp on Sunday afternoon, in the Abyan Governorate, South Yemen.

Local sources told "South24" that an air strike targeted the 5th Infantry brigade of the Presidential Protection Forces led by Sanad Al-Maisari, in Mudiyah, northeast of the capital, Aden.

Sources reported that the strike took place on a mosque in the camp where a training course for a number of soldiers, including fighters from North Yemen were held.

According to medical sources, the strike resulted in 2 deaths and more than 17 wounded, including 10 victims from North Yemen. Saudi media reported that the death toll was seven.

Video footage showed wounded soldiers in military uniforms, while they were being treated in a hospital in the governorate.

While the source of the strike is still unknown, press sources indicated that US drones flew over the area at dawn today and during the past few days. Abyan is witnessing an escalation in attacks claimed by AQAP against Security Belt forces of the STC.

Southern military expert, Brigadier General Thabet Hussein Saleh, suggested, according to initial information and photos, that "the attack was the result of a missile attack by a drone."

Thabet Saleh commented to "South24" and ruled out the hypothesis that the strike was of a missile launched by the Houthi group in North Yemen.

However, Saudi media and government military analysts indicated that Sunday's attack bore the hallmarks of the "Houthi militia".

Houthis have previously bombed several mosques inside camps in other areas in North Yemen, killing dozens.

Houthi group has not commented on the attack, at the time of writing this report.

The strike coincided with the intensification of battles with the Houthis since the morning in the Mukeiras and Al-Zaher areas, which represent the boundary between the governorates of Abyan and Al-Bayda.

A press source told "South24" that the forces of one of the Southern giants brigades and fighters from the Humiqan tribes launched a large-scale attack, on Sunday, on military sites belonging to the Houthi in Al-Zahir border area with Yafa, and they were able to bring them down after fierce battles.

A field source in Al-Dhalea governorate told "South24" that the Houthis withdrew military vehicles and fighters from the northern front of Al-Dhalea heading to Al-Bayda at dawn on Sunday.

In recent weeks, Abyan witnessed an escalation of "terrorist" attacks targeting sites and members of Security Belt forces, some of which were claimed by AQAP.

On Friday, pro-Islah government forces attacked Laudar, Abyan, causing clashes with tribes, killing 3 people and wounding others.

The STC condemned the recent attacks against its forces and the city of Laudar, and accused government forces of empowering "terrorist elements in security and military positions."

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Photo: A building believed to be a mosque in a government camp which was air strike in Mudiyah on Sunday