Aden: A Soldier Killed and 6 Others Wounded in an Explosion Targeting a Security Official


Sat, 14-08-2021 04:56 PM, Aden

South24 | Aden 

A soldier killed and at least five others wounded, in an explosion targeting a security official, on Saturday, in Aden, South Yemen.

"A car bomb exploded in a main street in the Al-lahom area, Dar Saad district, Aden, while the security director of Dar Saad district, Musleh Al-Dharhani, was passing by," security source told "South24".

"A soldier was killed and five others, including three civilians, were wounded. They were immediately rushed to the hospital," the source added.

It is not yet known who was behind the attack. No official statement has been issued by the security authorities yet.

Aden has witnessed a significant security improvement since the security forces of the STC took control of the city in August 2019.

But the assassinations targeting some of the STC's officials continued from time to time.

The STC and the Yemeni government signed the Riyadh Agreement in Saudi Arabia, which created a power-sharing cabinet between the two parties.

A few days ago, the security forces in Aden opened a joint operations room, to manage security tasks and forces within the capital city.

AQAP had claimed responsibility for previous attacks targeting pro-STC forces in Aden and Abyan. 

Photo: Activists