Muslim Brotherhood Prisons in Shabwah - Confessions Under Torture


Sat, 15-02-2020 12:20 AM, Aden Time

Aden| Similar to the Houthi militias, the Muslim Brotherhood’s militia affiliated with the Yemeni legitimate government that took control of Shabwah after dismantling the Shabwani Elite Forces in August 2019, have established prisons targeting pro South Yemen independence activists and citizens.

In the past week, southern activists circulated videos of men who were inside a prison of the Muslim Brotherhood's terrorist militias, who the tribe freed during clashes with the militia.

One of the videos shows a young man who confirmed that the Islah militia working with the Yemeni government's special forces, under command of Abd Rabu Laakab is forcing young people under torture to confess to unrelated crimes.

Translation: He was kidnapped by the governor of Shabwah's militia.
Muhammad Omar Al Qomishi
A few days ago, Muhammad appeared in a clip on Muslim Brotherhood's militia media reciting reading from a paper and was forced to say that a Southern Resistance leader paid him 5000 Saudi riyals to fight the government forces. In this video he explained how he was tortured and forced to say that.

The Yemeni government's Islah militia has carried out a campaign of arrests against a number of youth in Shabwah, amid accusations that they were breaking the law, however, their only crime is being part of a tribe that has refused to allow the Islah Militia to control their land.

Translation: Some of the prisoners who managed to escape from the illegal Muslim Brotherhood prison in the Shuhadaa Camp, which was previously a military camp for the Shabwani Elite Forces and turned into a prison after the Islah Militias occupied Shabwah.

The Islah Militia along with Yemeni Government Special forces have launched several attacks against the lands of the Qumaishi Tribe in Shabwah, South Yemen. The tribe, with their personal weapons manged to repel the Islah Militia from their land, and in turn, government forces started kidnapping children of the tribal leaders and Southern Resistance leaders, extorting coerced confessions out of them, and asking their fathers to surrender themselves in exchange for their children.

The campaign of kidnapping and torture also reached southern separatists activists, and anyone that goes through Islah Militia checkpoints carrying the South Yemen Independence flag.

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