Southerners Look Forward for Restoring Their State on Independence Day


Tue, 30-11-2021 08:10 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Thousands of Southerners came out in South Yemen governorates on the 54th anniversary of their country's independence from Britain on November 30, 1967, demanding the restoration of this state.

South Yemen had united with North Yemen in 1990, but the wars in the country prompted the Southerners to demand the return of their state again.

In the capital Aden the STC held an artistic ceremony for this anniversary.

Shabwa witnessed mass celebrations in a number of the governorate's districts, in which the attendees raised the national flags of the state of South Yemen, and the STC's slogans.

The pro-Islah government authorities in Shabwa suppressed the celebrations of the "Radhum" and "Mayfa'a" districts, and arrested STC officials alongside civilian citizens.

According to the STC in the governorate, the number of those arrested today reached 12, including a child.

In Abyan governorate hundreds gathered in Al-Mahfad district and raised banners bearing pictures of the STC leaders.

The STC in Hadramout also launched the 2nd sports festival in Mukalla the capital of the governorate.

In the Gulf of Aden, hundreds gathered in Socotra governorate in the archipelago's capital Hadibo.

Al-Dhalea governorate witnessed the graduation ceremony of a new military batch of the "Security Belt" forces.

In a speech on the November 30 anniversary, Aidrous Al-Zubaidi warned of a "massive revolution" in South Yemen "in defense of people's interests, their dignity and their right to life."

Al-Zubaidi called on the Saudi-led Coalition to interfere to save the Southern people from the economic and living crisis, and to "stop the policy of collective punishment" against them.

The internationally recognized Yemeni president Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi also addressed a speech in which he attacked the Houthis, and criticized what he considered the "silence" of the international community towards the Iranian-backed rebels.

It should be noted that all Yemeni parties celebrated this anniversary, including the Houthis in North Yemen. 

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Photo: Activities commemorating the independence of South Yemen in the districts of "As Said" and "Radhum" in Shabwa (Activists) 

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