Shabwa: The Southern Giant Forces Approach Bayhan


Thu, 06-01-2022 08:52 PM, Aden

Shabwa (South24) 

The Southern Giant Forces have made a remarkable advance in the ongoing battles against the Houthis in the Southern oil-rich governorate of Shabwa as part of operation "South Tornado".

Field sources told  "South24" that "forces affiliated with the Giant Brigades arrived today at "Harib Junction" which connects Marib and Shabwa after fierce battles".

Holding control on "Harib Junction'' comes a day after the Giant Brigades' domination of the Junction and the City of Al-Noqoub in Usaylan District.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Giant Brigades controlled the Hayd Sba'an, Al-Hujaira Village and Al-Hima Junction in Usaylan.

It is worth mentioning that Harib Junction connects Marib District, in North Yemen, with Shabwa’s districts of Usaylan and Bauhan Al-Ulia which had been controlled by the Houthis in September last year. 

Moreover, on Tuesday, additional military reinforcements, affiliated with the Southern Giant Brigades, reached Shabwa after the intensification of the battles against the Houthis.

On Thursday, Shabwa Defence Forces (Formerly known as Shabwani Elite) employed in the areas of Khora and Markha Al-Ulia to receive additional security and fighting tasks according to what  local sources told “South24”.

Yesterday, the Houthis claimed that they shot down a Chinese-made Emirati spy plane over Usaylan. 

The Coalition announced that it carried out airstrikes against Houthi locations in Shabwa in conjunction with the field progress made by the Giant Brigades. 

The battles that kicked off at the beginning of the current year caused scores of deaths and injuries among both parties, including civilians, according to what official sources exclusively told “South24”.

The Houthi rebels use ballistic missiles, air-air missiles and artillery to target the Giant Forces.

STC’s official confirmed that 16 civilians , including children, were killed during these attacks, on Wednesday after the Houthis bombed a house in Usaylan District. 

- South24 Center
- Photo: Southern Giants Forces soldiers at the 163rd Infantry Brigade, 05.01.2022 (Giants Media)

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