North Yemen: Battles Continue in Hajjah and Houthi Shelling of Taiz


Mon, 28-02-2022 04:39 PM, Aden

Hajjah (South24) 

For the third week, battles continue in Haradh district, Hajjah governorate, North Yemen, between the Iran-backed Houthis on one side, and forces loyal to the internationally recognized Yemeni government on the other.

Early February, pro-government forces launched a military operation that they claim to aim for liberating Haradh district, the governorate capital, with air support from the Saudi-led Coalition.

According to local sources, the ongoing battles in Hajjah caused death and injuries on both sides.

On Friday, pro-government forces attended the funeral of Brigadier General Haykal Al-Sumaini, head of the Armament Division in the Fifth Military Region, along with a number of his chaperon who were killed in the battles, according to Saba news agency.

Saudi-led Coalition planes launched dozens of daily raids since the start of the battles. On Saturday, the Coalition announced the implementation of 19 military operations against the Houthis, which it said destroyed military vehicles and killing their members.

On the same day, pro-government forces announced the destruction of two Houthi drones in the districts of Haradh and Abs in Hajjah governorate.

In a related context, the Houthis announced, on Monday, the destruction of a "US-made spy plane" in the airspace of the Haradh district. Houthi media reported that Saudi raids are continuing on Hajjah and other governorates in North Yemen.

In addition, on Sunday, a woman and her two children were seriously injured by Houthi shelling on the village of Maqbna, west of Taiz governorate, according to local media.

Local sources also reported that the residential "Wadi neighborhood" north of Taiz, on Sunday, was subjected to Houthi missile shelling, in conjunction with another artillery bombardment launched by the group on the neighboring Asafra area.

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Photo: Houthi targeting central and eastern Taiz. 25 Feb 2022. (AlMasdar Online)

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