The Fuel Crisis Afflicts Hadramout Cities


Thu, 03-03-2022 09:34 PM, Aden

Mukalla (South24) 

Hadramout governorate, South Yemen, have witnessed a stifling crisis in gasoline fuel, since the beginning of this week. The crisis has caused severe traffic congestion on petrol stations.

Citizens' vehicles line up at petrol stations in the Coast and Wadi Hadramout. They are racing to get their share of the fuel, which quickly runs out within hours.

"The quantities that arrive at the stations at the moment do not meet the needs of the governorate," said South24 correspondent in Hadramout.

He pointed out that this case indicates an expected increase in prices that the Yemeni Oil Company intends to implement next week.

Last Saturday, Hadramout Oil Company denied any price increase in oil derivatives.

This came hours after statements made by the head of the ongoing popular escalation in the governorate, sheikh Hassan Al-Jabri, in a tribal consultative meeting in Wadi Hadramout.

In Aden governorate, the Oil Company announced on the 28th of last February, a new increase of 1030 riyals per liter of petroleum. [1]

It is noteworthy that the Hadramout Oil Company succumbed to the demands of the popular escalation, and announced subsidy for "diesel" to 205 riyals per liter. 

South24 Center for News and Studies
Photo: A waiting queue near a petrol station in Hadramout (Local media)