Gunmen Kidnap International Organization Workers in Hadramout


Sun, 06-03-2022 02:15 PM, Aden

Mukalla South24)

Yesterday, unidentified gunmen kidnapped two workers of the "Doctors Without Borders" (MSF) organization, in Hadramout Governorate, South Yemen.

Sputnik reported that one of kidnapped is a German national while the other is Mexican. Their trip was intercepted in "Khashm Al-Ain" area, west of the governorate.

The armed men took the two workers to an "unknown destination". The identity of the kidnappers is not yet known, and no party has claimed responsibility for the operation.

There has also been no comment so far from the MSF on the incident, or the Yemeni government forces that control Wadi Hadramout.

In a statement, the STC condemned the kidnapping, which it said took place in an area controlled by the First Military District forces.

The STC spokesperson Ali Al-Kathiri said that "terrorist organizations have flourished" in the Muslim Brotherhood's controlled areas.

The kidnapping incident in Hadramout comes three weeks after the kidnapping of five UN employees, one of whom is a Bulgarian, in Abyan governorate.

According to tribal sources, gunmen believed to belong to AQAP kidnapped the five employees on their way back to Aden.

Earlier, Russell Jicky, a spokesman for the senior United Nations official in Yemen confirmed that the kidnapping took place in Abyan.

On Saturday, the STC spokesperson demanded the deployment of the Security Belt forces in the entire Abyan governorate, and the "Hadrami Elite" in Wadi Hadramout. He said that these forces must be enabled to counter "terrorism".

MSF is considered one of the most active international organizations in the country where war has raged for many years.

The organization provides medical care and medical support throughout South and North Yemen.

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Photo: Ehab Zawati/MSF

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