Angelina Jolie from Aden: I Came to Show My Support for Yemenis


Sun, 06-03-2022 08:02 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Today, the Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Hollywood star Angelina Jolie arrived in Aden, South Yemen.

According to UNHCR, Jolie is visiting Yemen to highlight the consequences of the seven-year conflict in the country.

The US Hollywood star said on an Instagram post that she will meet displaced families and refugees, to show her support for Yemenis.

"As we continue to watch the horrors unfolding in Ukraine, and call for an immediate end to the conflict and humanitarian access, I’m here in Yemen to support people who also desperately need peace," Jolie said.

The Hollywood star known for her humanitarian work pointed out that the situation in Yemen "is one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, with one civilian killed or injured every hour in 2022."

"An economy devastated by war, and over 20 million Yeminis depending on humanitarian assistance to survive," she added.

Jolie is an American actress who has won 3 Golden Globe Awards, 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and one Academy Award.

Jolie has been known for her humanitarian activity since her appointment as a Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in 2012; it became one of its symbols.

She was also selected several times for the award for the world most influential woman. She traveled to many countries in the midst of wars, conflicts and famines, such as Syria and the Horn of Africa.

It is noteworthy that the United Nations had announced the holding of a high-level conference to support Yemen on March 16.

It is likely that Jolie's visit comes within the framework of mobilizing donors' support for Yemen, due to the star's attention and global follow-up. 

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Photo: UNHCR’s Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie, arrived in Aden, South Yemen. 6 March 2022 (UNHCR).

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