UN Raises Only 1.3 Billion Dollars to Support Yemen


Wed, 16-03-2022 10:23 PM, Aden

Geneva (South24) 

Today, the United Nations announced supporting Yemen with one billion and three hundred million dollars from donor countries to support those most in need, during the high-level pledging event, which was co-hosted by the United Nations, Sweden and Switzerland.

"The UN plan for Yemen this year aims to reach 17.3 million people with a total fund of $4.27 billion to provide food, water, sanitation and education services," UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told the conference.

In a statement by the European Commission published by the European Mission in Yemen, it announced that the EU would allocate 154 million euros [$172 million] for the year 2022. While Germany announced 120 million euros. Meanwhile France, Sweden and the Netherlands pledged to provide grant funding during the event.

"The European Union and its member states have pledged in total more than 371 million euros, demonstrating the unwavering commitment to addressing the large financing gap created by the crisis," the statement said.

For his part, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that the United States has provided nearly $585 million in humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people.

In a virtual speech during the event, Blinken said that with this funding, the United States has provided nearly $4.5 billion to the Yemeni people since the crisis began more than seven years ago.

Secretary Blinken delivers virtual remarks at the UN-hosted High-Level Yemen Pledging Event. Mar 16, 2022. (US State Dept./South24 Screenshot) 

In a recorded speech to the conference, the Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister announced the provision of $23 million in humanitarian aid to reduce the threat of hunger in Yemen.

While François Delattre, Secretary-General of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced the allocation of $16 million in aid for NGOs operating in Yemen, calling for the protection of infrastructure.

At the conference, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned today of the impact of the war in Ukraine on increasing the suffering of the Yemeni people.

“The war in Ukraine will only make all of that even worse with skyrocketing prices for food, fuel and other essentials," Guterres said.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia, which leads its military Coalition in Yemen, did not make any contribution to this conference. However, the general supervisor of the King Salman Relief Center Abdullah Al-Rabeeah revealed that Saudi Arabia has allocated more than $19 billion over the past years.

Financial announcement and list of donors (2022)

According to the UN, millions in Yemen face severe hunger. Two out of three Yemenis - 20 million men, women and children - live in extreme poverty.

The escalation of hostilities threatens to increase humanitarian needs and diminish peace prospects. 

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Photo: Yemen Pledge Conference March 16, 2022 (Norway Embassy in Geneva) 

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