North Yemen: Journalist Stabbed to Death in Taiz


Wed, 23-03-2022 07:06 PM, Aden

Taiz (South24) 

Today, a journalist was found stabbed to death in Taiz city, North Yemen, in one of the areas controlled by government forces in the city.

According to local media, photographer and journalist Fawaz Al-Wafi was fatally stabbed in the chest in his car in Al-Wadi area northwest of Taiz (1).

So far, the motives for the incidence are not known. Nor a statement was released by the security forces in Taiz. Furthermore, no one has claimed responsibility for the incidence.

Al-Wafi worked as a photographer for several local media. He also documented many scenes of war between the Houthis and government forces in the city over the past years.

The city of Taiz, which is shared by the Houthis and the Taiz military axis, is witnessing a constant insecurity.

During the past months, citizens and political and media figures were assassinated, kidnapped and attacked.

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Photo: Fawaz Al-Wafi holding a camera (local media) 

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