Aden: 33 Injured in Partial Collapse of a Residential Building


Sat, 26-03-2022 10:58 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

At least 33 people, including five children, were injured, today, in the collapse of parts of an apartment building in Aden, South Yemen.

According to the media center of the Khormaksar district in Aden, no deaths occurred as a result of the incidence. 

Al-Gomhouria Hospital published the names of some of the injured who were transferred by paramedics, including three in critical condition, according to a medical source.

According to security sources for "South24", the building has been inhabited by displaced families since 2015, when it was subjected to an air strike during the war with the Northern forces.

The raid caused the foundations of the building to crack, making it vulnerable to falling at any moment, but this did not prevent the displaced from staying in it, without any movement from the authorities. 

South24 Center for News and Studies
Photo: The collapsed building (Activists) 

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