Riyadh Consultations Start Hours After Coalition Announced Ceasefire


Wed, 30-03-2022 05:36 PM, Aden

Riyadh (South24)

The Saudi-led Coalition announced yesterday the cessation of its military operations in Yemen, starting from 6 am this morning, Wednesday.

In a statement carried by (SPA), the Coalition stated that this step comes for the sake of the success of the Yemeni-Yemeni consultations under the GCC auspices in Riyadh. The statement added: "The Coalition will abide by the ceasefire in Yemen and will take measures to make it work."

The statement indicated that the decision to stop military operations comes in response to the request of the GCC Secretary-General Naif Al-Hajraf who called on the Coalition and all parties to cease fire.

The Coalition’s announcement came in conjunction with the near end of the Houthi ceasefire initiative, at 6 pm today, Wednesday, Sanaa time, which the group announced three days ago.

Riyadh Consultations

Today, the first round of consultations in Riyadh between the Yemeni parties, which the Houthis were absent, began with the participation of high-ranking officials from various other political forces.

According to "South24" sources, Yemeni President Hadi and Vice President Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar did not attend the first day of the consultations.

In a speech, the GCC Secretary-General stated that "the success of the Yemeni consultations is not an option, but a reality that must be achieved." Al-Hajraf called on "Yemenis" to "adopt a road map for their future."

The UN Envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg indicated that a political solution - under the UN auspices - to the crisis in Yemen requires "all possible support to achieve this." The US Envoy Tim Lenderking also called on the Yemeni parties to work with the United Nations to bring about peace.

UN Envoy Hans Grundberg delivering a speech in the consultations (@OSE_Yemen) 

Lenderking stressed the need to support the Yemeni economy to recover, and said that Washington would continue to encourage donors to provide more support.

According to the consultations program, which was reviewed by "South24", the second day of the consultations which will be tomorrow will include simultaneous sessions to discuss 6 axes: political, economic and development, security and counter-terrorism, relief and humanitarian, social, and media.

Over the following days, suggestions and mechanisms for implementing the outcomes of the consultations will be discussed. On April 7, the most important results of the consultations will be reviewed and discussed. The documents issued from the consultations will also be discussed and the outputs adopted and approved. It is the final day of the consultations.

Houthis' participation

In statements broadcasted by the Houthi-controlled Yemen TV, Mahdi Al-Mashat, head of the Houthi Political Council, said yesterday that "what is being arranged in Riyadh is not in the context of peace," adding, "We want serious efforts to reach comprehensive solutions."

Al-Mashat stated that communication with the Coalition have continued from time to time since the start of the war, "but they do not lead to results." He added, "We have repeatedly presented clear visions that lead to a comprehensive political solution," but there is no response.

Al-Mashat reiterated the group's refusal to receive the UN Envoy, stressing that "the war continues at its most intense."

It should be noted that the group had revealed, a few days ago, a huge deal to exchange 2,223 prisoners, 1,400 of whom are Houthis, under the UN auspices, with the Saudi-led Coalition and the internationally recognized Yemeni government.

The deal included the release of the former Yemeni defense minister, Major General Mahmoud Al-Subaihi, and the brother of Yemeni President Hadi, Major General Nasser Mansour, in addition to Saudi and Sudanese soldiers.

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Photo: GCC Secretary-General Nayef Al-Hajraf in the Riyadh Consultations (Asharq Al-Awsat)

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