Hans Grundberg Arrives in Sanaa for the First Time


Mon, 11-04-2022 03:35 PM, Aden

Sanaa (South24)

Today, the United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg arrived in the Houthi-controlled Sanaa of North Yemen.

The envoy's office said that Grundberg is looking forward to meet Houthi officials "to discuss the implementation and strengthening the truce and discussing the way forward."

This is Grundberg's first visit to Sanaa since he was appointed as an envoy last September follows a meeting he had yesterday with the Houthi's chief negotiator Mohammad Abdulsalam in the Omani capital Muscat.

According to the envoy's office, Grundberg discussed with Abdulsalam the progress of the UN truce between the parties to the conflict in Yemen and ways to strengthen it.

The Houthis anticipated Grundberg's visit by questioning the feasibility of this visit. Senior Houthi leader Mohammad Ali al-Houthi questioned what the envoy would bring.

In early April, the UN announced a two-month truce, the first of its kind, since the outbreak of war in Yemen between the parties to the conflict.

The truce included the fulfillment of some of the Houthi demands that the group stipulated before any ceasefire, such as the opening of Sanaa airport and the port of Hodeidah.

The truce coincided with Yemeni-Yemeni consultations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, between the anti-Houthi parties, which culminated in the announcement of a new presidential council.

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Photo: UN Special Envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg (local media) 

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