Aden: Security Belt Arrests «Terrorists»


Tue, 12-04-2022 03:58 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Today, the Security Belt forces announced the arrest of "terrorist" members affiliated with Al-Qaeda (AQAP) and the Houthis in the capital, Aden.

The Security Belt said in a statement that intelligence information about the existence of a cell linked to AQAP and Houthis led to the arrest of their members in Dar Saad district, eastern Aden.

Southern security forces did not fully disclose the members names, but a high-ranking security source told "South24" that a wanted person, "Habib al-Sami'i", was leading the arrested cell.

The source stated that Al-Sami'i was riding a vehicle when the Security Belt forces raided him, along with three other suspects.

The Security Belt revealed plans for hostile acts, bombings and assassinations in Aden, which these members were preparing for.

In recent weeks, Aden and the surrounding areas witnessed a resurgence of assassinations against Southern military and security leaders.

On March 24, the senior military commander, Major General Thabet Jawas, was assassinated by a car bomb north of Aden, along with a number of his companions, including his son.

On the 29th of the same month, unidentified gunmen shot the commander of the security belt in the Sheikh Othman district, Captain Karam Al-Mashreqi, leading to his death as a result of a serious injury.

The prominent commander in the Security Belt, Brigadier General Abdullatif Al-Sayed, also survived an assassination attempt with a car bomb that intercepted his convoy in Abyan governorate, mid-March. At least 3 of Al-Sayed's soldiers were killed.

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Photo: The arrested members by the Security Belt forces (security media)

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