Suspected AQAP Members Escaped the Central Prison in Wadi Hadramout


Fri, 15-04-2022 12:30 AM, Aden Time

Seiyun (South24)

On Thursday, a number of wanted persons escaped a prison in Wadi Hadramout, South Yemen, according to local sources.

A source told "South24", that ten prisoners, including suspected members of AQAP, escaped from the central prison in the city of Seiyun, in Wadi Hadramout.

It is not yet clear how the prisoners escaped.

A circulating document showed a security report from the First Military District's Command, which controls Wadi Hadramout, searching for ten "fugitives from justice."

In a call made by "South24", a security source in the First Military District denied their knowledge of this incident.

This incident comes days after the dismissal of Yemeni Vice President Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar from his position.

The First Military District owes its allegiance to the Northern military General and former Vice President.

The people of Hadramout demand the removal of these forces from their areas, accusing them of having links with members suspected of belonging to AQAP.

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Photo: A patrol truck past an AQAP flag painted on the side of a hill (REUTERS/Mohamed al-Sayaghi) 

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