Abyan: 7 Southern Giants Soldiers Injured in an Ambush by Suspect AQAP Members


Sun, 08-05-2022 06:33 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24) 

Yesterday, soldiers from the Southern Giants Brigades were injured in Abyan governorate, South Yemen, after an ambush by suspected AQAP members.

According to a security source who spoke to "South24," unknown gunmen targeted a military vehicle for the Southern Giants in Al-Mahfad district, next to Shabwa governorate.

As a result of the ambush, seven soldiers were injured, who were taken to the district hospital for medical care.

This attack against the Southern forces comes just one day after another violent attack targeting the headquarters of the pro-STC Security Belt Forces in Al-Dhalea governorate.

According to the security services in the governorate, eight AQAP members attacked the security headquarters with light and medium weapons.

As a result of the attack, two senior security officials and a soldier were killed, with eight other wounded. The eight AQAP members were also killed, according to the security statement.

In a statement, the commander of Counter-Terrorism Forces in South Yemen, Major General Shallal Shaye, accused the Houthis and the Muslim Brotherhood of conspiring with AQAP and ISIS.

The senior security official said: "The terrorist acts against our forces are a reaction to what we are achieving against terrorist organizations, and our battle with them will continue."

So far, AQAP has not claimed responsibility for either of these attacks against Southern forces.

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Photo: Southern Giants Brigade military vehicles (AFP/File)

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