Southern Forces Announce the Killing of a Senior AQAP Leader in Shabwa


Fri, 13-05-2022 03:18 AM, Aden Time

Shabwa (South24)

Shabwa Defense Forces (formerly the Shabwani Elite Forces) announced on Thursday the killing of a senior AQAP leader during clashes with its members, on Wednesday.

AIC channel quoted the Shabwa Defense Forces that Younis Awad al-Qa'ari, a prominent leader in the organization, was killed during clashes with the Shabwa Defense Forces in Ataq, the capital of the governorate.

One of the soldiers of the Southern forces was also killed in the clashes, with other wounded, according to a source in the Shabwa Defense Forces who spoke to "South24".

Shabwa Defense Forces returned to the governorate at the beginning of this year, after they were expelled in August 2019 after clashing with pro-Islamic Islah forces.

The Shabwani Elite managed between 2018-2019 to neutralize extremist organization in the oil and gas-rich governorate, with the support of the Arab coalition (UAE).

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Photo: Shabwa Defense Forces arriving to Ataq airport (local media)

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