STC forces at a security checkpoint in Aden, on 16 Sep 2019. (The Guardian)

Lahj: Security Forces Thwarts a Suicidal Operation by AQAP


Thu, 19-05-2022 05:13 PM, Aden

Lahj (South24)

Yesterday, Southern security forces thwarted an operation of a suspect AQAP member in possession of an explosive belt, in Radfan region, north of Aden.

According to a security source who spoke to "South24", a gunman wearing an explosive belt, coming from the Northern Al-Bayda governorate, was arrested at Al-Habileen security checkpoint under the Fifth Brigade Backup and Support forces.

In a statement published on their official website, the Southern forces said that they had arrested a "terrorist" wearing an explosive belt who attempted to blow himself up at Radfan security checkpoint in Lahj governorate.

The statement added: Initial investigations revealed that the terrorist was coming from Al-Bayda governorate and heading to the capital Aden to carry out a terrorist operation.

The security statement also stated that two other people were arrested besides the member, who were accompanying him in his minibus.

This incident comes less than two weeks after an attack by another suspected AQAP members on the headquarters of the Security Belt Forces in Al-Dhalea governorate, leaving a number of victims.

The governorate's security committee accused AQAP of being behind the attack, through their members who came from Al-Bayda governorate to Al-Dhalea.

Nevertheless, Al-Bayda governorate remains an important stronghold for AQAP and ISIS militants in North Yemen.

AQAP did not claim responsibility for Al-Dhalea attack, nor did it comment on yesterday's arrest.

It is worth noting that the Iranian-backed Houthis have controlled the entire Al-Bayda governorate since September 2021

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