Protesters in Taiz demand lifting the siege imposed by the Houthis. May 25, 2022 (Activists)

Amman: Negotiations Begin to Lift the Siege on Taiz and Other Governorates


Wed, 25-05-2022 06:14 PM, Aden

Taiz (South24)

Today, negotiations began to open the roads to Taiz governorate and other governorates between the Yemeni government and the Houthis.

According to the office of the UN Envoy to Yemen, the meetings between the two parties in the Jordanian capital Amman began as per the UN truce.

Coinciding with the start of negotiations, areas in Taiz under the control of the pro-government forces witnessed a mass protest to demand the lifting of the siege imposed on the city.

Negotiations in Amman are supposed to include opening roads in other governorates such as Al-Dhalea and Marib, which have been closed by continuous battles for many years.

Activists from North Yemen tweeted under the hashtag #LiftTheSiegeOnTaiz [translated from Arabic] on the Twitter. On Sunday, others staged a protest in front of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, in solidarity with the city's residents.

Taiz is the largest Yemeni city in terms of population, and has been shared for seven years by the Houthis and the Taiz Axis forces of the Yemeni government affiliate the Islah party.

The city lives in dire humanitarian conditions because of the war. The Houthis have also used it numerous times as a launching pad for missile attacks against their opponents in South Yemen.

It should be noted that the UN truce, which began on April 2, is about to expire on June 2, amid speculation of its fate in light of the UN's efforts to extend it.

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