A view of the exterior of Yemen’s Central Bank headquarters in the Houthi-controlled Sanaa. June 23, 2021 (AFP)

Yemen: Accusations Regarding the Transfer of the Central Bank from Aden to Sanaa


Sun, 12-06-2022 04:31 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

STC announced yesterday its rejection of any attempts to transfer the functions of the central bank, in whole or in part, from Aden to Sanaa. An announcement which was denied by the bank in a statement on Today.

The statement was issued during a meeting of the STC Presidency and considered that these efforts “violate the state sovereignty, and the legitimacy of the parity government.”

The statement said that the STC "is closely monitoring these suspicious movements, and is closely following the threads of the conspiracy woven by these elements in a miserable effort to transfer the bank to Sanaa."

The STC claimed that the Central Bank of Yemen official "Mansour Rajeh" who was appointed by former President Hadi in December 2021, leads these moves.

The statement said that the man "previously headed a Houthi economic delegation to Germany at the end of 2018."

The Central Bank of Yemen in Aden denied the accusations made in the STC's statement.

The bank said in a statement released today that "the Central Bank of Yemen is surprised by the campaigns and statements issued by official entities participating in the authority accusing the bank's leadership and some of its officials... of conspiring and working to transfer the bank to Sanaa, and the bank regrets this falsehood and imprudent incitement."

Former Yemeni President Hadi had issued a decision appointing a new board for the Central Bank of Yemen in December 2021, headed by the Governor of the Bank, Ahmed Ghaleb Al-Maabqi.

On the other hand, the STC held the Yemeni government responsible for the Houthis' continued control of the telecommunications sector.

The statement indicated that the government's allowing the Yemeni-Omani United Telecommunications Company (YOU) to operate illegally in the liberated governorates is a grave violation that "cannot be accepted and must be prevented."

The statement called for the government to control economic resources, collect revenues to the Central Bank in Aden, work to revive the national economy, control the currency exchange rate, halt the economic collapse, and provide services to citizens.

The STC administers Aden and other Southern governorates militarily and security. The STC was labelled as a key partner in the government and the newly-formed Presidential Council.

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