Civil house burned during Houthi attack on Subaira town, northern Al-Dhalea (Official)

Deaths, Injuries and Civil Damages in a Houthi Attack North of Al-Dhalea


Sun, 26-06-2022 03:10 PM, Aden

Dhalea (South24) 

 A soldier was killed and five other soldiers of the Southern Forces were wounded, yesterday's morning and afternoon in a massive Houthi attack in northwest of Al-Dhalea governorate.

Al-Dhalea Military Axis accused the Iran-backed Houthis of violating the UN truce and committing the largest violations since its renewal earlier this month. 

According to the statement, the Houthis used light and medium weapons in the attack in addition to drones and heavy artillery shelling with mortars which resulted in the injury of five soldiers and burning several civil houses.
Later on the same day, a soldier was killed by a Houthi sniper in Maris front, east of the governorate, according to a military source who spoke to "South24".

The Houthi attack focused on the military positions of Al-Dhalea axis forces, specifically in the center of the town of Sabira in the Qataba district, and the sectors of Batar, Al-Fakher, Bab Ghalag and Maris.

Al-Dhalea axis statement denounced the "international silence" towards these violations, including the lack of any firm stand by the party sponsoring the truce.


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