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Shabwa: Two High-ranking Security Commanders Suspended


Mon, 25-07-2022 07:36 PM, Aden

Shabwa (South24)

Yesterday, the governor of Shabwa Governorate, South Yemen, issued orders to suspend two high-ranking security commanders in the governorate, after the recent incident between the Shabwa Defense Forces and the Special Forces in the capital, Ataq.

According to the governorate's media, Governor Awad Al-Awlaki suspended the commander of the Special Forces, Abd Rabbo Lakab, and the commander of the Shabwa Defense Forces, Wajdi Baoum.

Al-Awlaki assigned the Deputy Director of the Governorate Police with the tasks of Lakab, and the Staff of the Second Brigade of the Shabwa Defense Forces with the tasks of Baoum.

These measures came after clashes between the Special Forces and Shabwa Defense Forces, in mid-July, in the city of Ataq, which left dead and wounded.

The governor of Shabwa directed the quick completion of the investigation procedures assigned to a committee headed by Aziz Al-Atiqi, the commander of the Ataq military axis.

In a video today, the governor of Shabwa accused the commander of the Special Forces of violating the disarmament campaign in the city of Ataq.

Al-Awlaki stated that Abd Rabbo Lakab, the commander of the Special Forces, left with military vehicles that did not stop at Shabwa Defense Forces security checkpoints in charge of the campaign.

Al-Awlaki called for giving priority to the interests of Shabwa over partisan and political interests. "The governorate's problems come from outside, but there are some tools inside," he said.

Al-Awlaki indicated that suspending the security commanders is a "preventive measure" until the investigations carried out by the committee in charge are completed.

The Shabwa Defense Forces is the new name for the Shabwani Elite Forces, which were expelled from the governorate in August 2019, and returned to it at the beginning of this year.

As for the Special Forces, they are forces led by Brigadier General Abd Rabbo Lakab, who is affiliate to the Islamic Reform Party. He has been accused of committing violations against citizens during the reign of the former governor of Shabwa, Mohammad bin Adyo.

During the past weeks, Shabwa witnessed a noticeable escalation in AQAP activities, which launched a number of attacks against the Shabwa Defense Forces that left dozens dead and wounded.

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