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Yemen: The PLC Implements Extensive Judicial Reforms


Thu, 04-08-2022 10:35 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Today, the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) in Yemen issued a decision to reconstitute the country's Supreme Judicial Council and appoint a president and members of the State Supreme Court.

The PLC appointed Judge Mohsen Al-Hashbi as head of the Supreme Judicial Council, and Judge Ali Al-Awash as head of the Supreme Court.

The decisions also included the appointment of Judge Nazim Bawazer as head of the Judicial Inspection Authority, and Dr. Ali Atbush as Secretary-General of the Supreme Judicial Council.

The Presidential Council appointed Sabah Ahmed Al-Alwani, Abdulkarim Saad Al-Noamani, and Mohammad Ali Abu Bakr Kadish as members of the Supreme Judicial Council.

The appointments included Judge Sahel Hamza and Judge Haidan Jamaan as Vice-Presidents of the Supreme Court, and four other judges who are members of the Court.

The PLC also appointed Fawzi Ali Seif, the country's first attorney general.

The former Islah-affiliate head of the Supreme Court, Judge Hammoud Al-Hatar, had announced his removal from his position before the decisions were issued.

The PLC also appointed Al-Hatar and three other judges as members of the Shura Council.

These judicial reforms come days after the Southern Judges Club announced a full strike to demand the removal of Al-Hatar and the implementation of judicial reforms.

These judicial reforms are considered the most prominent since the dismissal of the Islah-affiliate Public Prosecutor Ahmed Al-Mousa, and the appointment of Judge Qaher Mustafa in his place on May 25.

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