The secret underground prison (South24 Screenshot)

Shabwa: A Secret Underground Prison was Found


Thu, 11-08-2022 09:03 PM, Aden

Ataq (South24)

Today, the pro-government Southern Forces found a secret prison belonging to the pro-Islah Special Security Forces in Shabwa governorate, South Yemen.

South24 correspondent in Shabwa stated that the Southern Forces found the secret prison in the "Martyrs Military Camp" in the city of Ataq.

This incident comes one day after the Southern Forces secured the city of Ataq after days of bloody battles with pro-Islah military and security forces, which the governor of Shabwa described as "rebellious".

The Special Security Forces led by Brigadier General Abd Rabbo Lakab was dismissed by the Presidential Council and had been accused of committing violations and torturing political and civilian detainees during the past years.

These pro-Islah forces suppressed many peaceful activities of STC's supporters in Shabwa, and arrested senior officials and other STC members in the governorate. 

According to local sources who spoke to "South24", many of the Special Forces members fled yesterday from a number of Shabwa districts after their defeat in Ataq.

So far, the dismissed Special Forces Command has not commented on this incident or the accusations related to it.

In a related context, "South24" correspondent in Shabwa reported that the defense and interior ministers arrived today to the city of Ataq, accompanied by the commander of the new Ataq Military Axis Brigadier Adel Bin Hadi.

According to the correspondent, the two ministers who came from Mukalla, Hadramout met Shabwa's Governor Awad Al-Awlaki for about an hour and then departed the capital of Shabwa.

A speech for Governor Al-Awlaki was broadcasted minutes ago with the two ministers that addressed recent events.

In a separate context, Shabwa's Oil Company director warned today from a blackout that may cover the governorate due to the electricity lack of fuel.

The government official accused the authorities of Marib, North Yemen, of halting Shabwa's supply of oil derivatives, "on the pretext that it is unsafe."

It is noteworthy that local sources had confirmed to "South24" earlier, the arrival of military reinforcements for the "rebel" forces in Ataq from Marib, which is besieged by the Houthis.

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