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Signing a Project to Operate the Biggest Public Hospital in Aden


Thu, 18-08-2022 06:26 PM, Aden

Riyadh (South24)

On Wednesday, the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen and the Yemeni Health Ministry signed a project to operate the Aden Public Hospital, the biggest public hospital in the capital city of Aden.

The KSA Ambassador to Yemen and the program's general supervisor, Mohammed Al Jaber, said that the hospital will be re-operated and managed by Al-Saad Company which operates hospitals in other Yemeni governorates. 

Al Jaber said: "All services in the Aden Hospital will be freely delivered to half a million beneficiaries annually”. The total area of the hospital is 20000 m2 according to the Saudi program.

The hospital passed a preparation period over last years at the expense of the Saudi program with a total cost exceeding 330 million Saudi riyals including restoration, maintenance, equipment and devices which reached 2187.

The Aden Public Hospital was subjected to remarkable damages, looting and sabotage of equipment and devices in the 2015 war. It suffered financial and technical problems before the war. 

It is considered the most important public hospital and the destination for thousands of patients from the governorate and the neighboring provinces such as Lahij, Abyan, Aden and Al-Dhali.

Aden suffers from deteriorating health conditions due to the spread of the highly-expensive private hospitals and the decline of the role played by the public hospitals to a large extent.

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