Brigadier General Hadar al-Shouhti (activists)

Houthis Kill Senior Military Commander in the Southern Forces


Tue, 06-09-2022 08:31 PM, Aden

Yafa (South24)

Today, a senior military commander in the Southern forces was killed in the Hadd front in the Yafa region, northeast of Aden.

A military source told "South24" that Brigadier General Hadar al-Shouhti, commander of the Fourth Brigade, Backup and Support, was killed by a Houthi sniper.

The incident comes in light of the international truce in force in the country, which is subject to widespread Houthi violations, according to the Southern forces.

Al-Dhalea front (north of Aden) witnessed a number of Houthi violations with drones and various weapons during the month of August, which left both soldiers and civilians dead.

The Houthis have not yet officially commented on the killing of al-Shouhti. The Houthis accuses its local opponents of violating the truce on a number of fronts.

On August 2, UN Envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg announced that the Yemeni parties had agreed to extend the truce in force in the country for two additional months until October 2.

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