Explosion targeting a military vehicle of the Shabwa Defense Forces. September 10, 2022 (local media)

A New Military Operation Against AQAP in Shabwa


Sat, 10-09-2022 06:56 PM, Aden

Shabwa (South24)

Today, the Southern forces announced the launch of a large-scale military operation against AQAP in Shabwa governorate.

On its first day, the "Southern Arrows" operation targeted Al-Masainah area, according to South24 correspondent.

The correspondent stated that the Southern forces reached the last strongholds for AQAP in Al-Masainah after taking control of the organization's camp.

The Southern forces arrested Ahmed Al-Tusali, the brother of the senior commander in the extremist organization "Abu Awad Al-Tusali", according to the South24 correspondent.

Simultaneously with the operation, a soldier was killed and seven others, including civilians, were wounded in an explosion targeting a military vehicle of the Shabwa Defense Forces, east of Ataq.

Two soldiers from the Southern forces were also wounded in the clashes in Al-Masainah area.

The Southern forces are pursuing AQAP members in "Al-Kur mountains" which separates Shabwa and Abyan. It is likely that the "Southern Arrows" operation will include all Shabwa's districts.

This is the second operation for the Southern forces to eradicate AQAP and only three weeks after the launch of the "Eastern Arrows" operation in Abyan governorate. 

The STC Presidency member Salem Thabet Al-Awlaki stated that the Southern Arrows operation "was launched to restore full security in Shabwa."

On Tuesday, the Southern forces were subjected to a violent attack by AQAP militants targeting a security checkpoint of the pro-STC Security Belt forces in Abyan governorate.

The widely condemned attack left 21 members of the Security Belt dead and four others wounded. Eight AQAP militants were also killed, according to the Yemeni Ministry of Interior.

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