Officers of the Southern forces with the seized IEDs. September 15, 2022

The Security Belt Forces Abort a «Terrorist» Plot in South Yemen


Thu, 15-09-2022 07:11 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24) 

Security Belt Forces announced today that they  aborted a “terrorist plot” targeting South Yemen by launching a qualitative military operation in the governorate of Abyan, east of Aden. 

Southern military media center said that the “Security Belt Forces detected a number of IEDs for explosive operations. The IEDs were hidden among a shipment of coffee beans in Sabbah district, Abyan governorate”. 

According to the media center, the explosive devices were on board of a civil vehicle coming from the Northern governorate of Al-Bayda towards Aden before being tracked and seized in an intelligence operation by the Southern forces. 

Brigadier General Jalal Al-Rubaie, the Security Belt’s Commander in Aden said: “This operation which was carried out by our Southern forces as part of their war against terrorism, aborted a terrorist plot to target Aden and the whole of South”.

Meanwhile, the joint Southern forces announced today that  they now control 85% of Abyan as part of the "Arrows of the East" operation which targets AQAP presence in the central regions of the governorate.

According to military sources, the Southern forces managed to enter “Wadi Oemran” in Mudiyah district of Abyan governorate which is a prominent bastion for the AQAP-affiliate Ansar al-Sharia.

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