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Abyan: The Start of the 4th Phase of the «Arrows of the East» Against AQAP


Sat, 24-09-2022 03:39 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24) 

The Southern forces announced today the start of the fourth phase of the "Arrows of the East" operation against AQAP in Abyan governorate, eastern Aden.

The commander of Abyan military axis, Brigadier General Mukhtar Al-Nubi, said: "We announce the start of the fourth phase, under the directives of Major General Aidrous Al-Zubaidi, to complete the cleansing of Abyan governorate."

This came in a press conference in which Brigadier General Al-Nubi and the commander of the Fourth Military District, Major General Fadhl Hassan, in addition to the Governor of Abyan, Major General Abu Bakr Hussein.

"Al-Bayda governorate is the main center for the movement of AQAP members. We call on the international community and Arab Coalition to support the Southern forces in this battle against terrorism," he added. 

The fourth phase of the military operation, which was launched about a month ago, targets Al-Mahfad district, according to the commander of the Abyan axis. Al-Mahfad and Jishan are the last areas in which AQAP is present in Abyan.

The Governor of Abyan said that the death toll for AQAP has reached 24 so far. Brigadier General Al-Nubi accused the organization of blowing up the crossings and transport routes and planting more than 20 explosive devices that killed and wounded dozens.

A local source told "South24" on Thursday that the tribes in Al-Mahfad district had given AQAP members fleeing from Wadi Oemran 48 hours to leave their lands.

A source in the Security Belt Forces also told "South24" that AQAP members fled to "Al-Hanaka" area in Al-Mahfad district after the fall of the organization's camp in Wadi Oemaran in Mudiyah district.

In addition, a military source said that an explosive device exploded on Friday in a military vehicle of the Security Belt Forces between Laudar and Al-Ain areas, leaving no casualties.

A few days ago, AQAP released 13 photos that it said were of operations it carried out against the Security Belt Forces in Abyan as part of the "Arrows of Righteousness" operation that the organization had announced earlier.

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