Part of AQAP video. September 25, 2022

AQAP Threatens to Target International Interests in South Yemen


Mon, 26-09-2022 04:16 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Yesterday, AQAP threatened to target international interests in South Yemen in a video broadcasted by Al-Malahem platform. The extremist organization also claimed the presence of foreign forces in South.

AQAP attacked the STC, which said that the foreign presence is taking place through it and through the Saudi-led Coalition. It also attacked what he described as the "legitimate" government. 

The video included a historical account of what they described as "plans for the occupation of Yemen." They claimed that French, American and British forces are present on the ground.

AQAP called for "mobilization and jihad to liberate Yemen." They also addressed the "Arrows of the East" military operation that the Southern forces announced against their members in Abyan governorate, and hinted that it was carried out under American directives.

AQAP used pictures from meetings of Western ambassadors in Hadramout and Shabwa in the video, in addition to footage from the clashes in Abyan.

The video comes days after a statement by the PLC Chairman Rashad Al-Alimi during a webinar talking with the French government regarding the re-export of gas from the Balhaf oil facility in Shabwa.

Al-Alimi said that the French company Total stipulated that there be an agreement on security issues for fear of targeting the facility with Houthi ballistic missiles.

This comes at a time when the Southern forces announced on Saturday the start of the fourth phase of their military operations against AQAP in the areas of the central Abyan governorate.

The Southern forces had earlier took control over the largest military camp for AQAP in the Middle East after entering Wadi Oemran in the Mudiyah district.

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