Southern forces in Al-Mahfad district. October 8, 2022

Abyan: Southern Forces Enter Al-Mahfad District


Sat, 08-10-2022 03:05 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24)

Today, the Southern forces entered Al-Mahfad district of Abyan governorate, east of Aden, as part of the "Arrows of the East" operation against AQAP members.

A military source told "South24" that the forces arrived on Saturday morning at the district, and deployed in several locations.

The source pointed out that the Southern forces removed, during their advance, many explosive devices and mines that were planted in the roads.

The Southern forces spokesperson, Lt. Col. Mohammad al-Naqib, said: "Today, our forces carried out the fourth phase of the Arrows of the East operation."

He added, "Our forces have taken control of the center of Al-Mahfad district, while taking all measures to secure the area."

On September 24, the Southern forces announced the start of the fourth phase of the "Arrows of the East", which targets the presence of AQAP in the center of Abyan.

During the previous weeks, the Southern forces managed to secure a number of central Abyan districts including Laudar, Al-Wadhea', and Mudiyah districts.

The Southern forces were able to control the largest military camp for AQAP in the valley of "Oemran" Mudiyah. 

On the other hand, AQAP announced earlier a counter-operation called "Arrows of Righteousness". The organization published scenes of targeting soldiers and vehicles of the Southern forces.

Al-Mahfad district is the last district in Abyan governorate that has an AQAP presence. The district is witnessing a tribal movement to expel the militants of the extremist organization, according to local sources.

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