Crowds in Tarim, Hadramout, to demand the removal of the First Military District

Hadramout: Increasing Calls to Remove Northern Forces From Oil Fields


Sat, 17-12-2022 02:00 PM, Aden

Hadramout (South24) 

Earlier this morning, a large-scale exceptional meeting was held in Wadi Hadramout called for by the Hadrami Uprising Command.

Prominent political and social figures delivered speeches before mass crowds emphasizing the removal of the First Military District (FMD) and the empowerment of Hadramis.

The head of the Hadrami Uprising Command, tribal sheikh Hassan Al-Jabri, threatened to cut off all international roads in the governorate if the people's demands were not met.

"The departure of the FMD from Hadramout is inevitable. We will not accept the division of the governorate," he said. 

The prominent tribal sheikh Al-Qibli warned of the repercussions of halting oil production in Hadramout, following the Houthi attacks against the port of Dabba.

He said, "the PLC is incapable of exporting oil. Hadramout is on the verge of an actual catastrophe, and thousands of employees will be suspended of work."

The STC's spokesperson Ali Al-Kathiri said to South24 that "all options are open to remove the FMD from Hadramout."

He added, "We reject the continued acts of repression by the First Military District and we stress the need to implement the Riyadh Agreement."

The head of the STC in Shabwa called on the FMD to learn the lesson that took place in Shabwa during the past months.

"Hadramis will lead their governorate in 2023, and this is a clear message to everyone," he added.

Tribal sheikh Lahmar Bin Ali called on the Arab Coalition countries and the Presidential Council to "hand over Wadi Hadramout to its people."

"Liberating Wadi Hadramout is a duty for the entire people of South, not just Hadramis," Lahmar added.

For more than a year, the Hadrami Uprising Command has been calling for the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement and the removal of the FMD's forces from the oil-rich Wadi Hadramout.

The people of Hadramout consider these North Yemeni forces as an occupation of their land for decades.

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