The play's press conference in Aden, South Yemen, Dec 21, 2022 (South24 Center)

The Play of Hamlet in the Adenic Dialect


Wed, 21-12-2022 01:27 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Today, the Gulf of Aden Theater Company announced the famous Shakespeare's play of Hamlet in the capital city Aden.

In a press conference, which was attended by "South24 Center", the troupe announced the showtimes of the play by the known director Amr Gamal during January 7-16.

The play will be shown in one of the historical buildings in Aden, the Legislative Council (formerly St. Mary's Church) in Crater.

The building underwent reconstructive projects during the past period, under the British Council's fund which also financially fund the play.

In statements to "South24 Center", director Amr Gamal explained the reasons for halting plays in Aden in recent years.

"The reasons are mainly related to the lack of funding and the absence of the necessary infrastructure," he said.

He added, "when we decide to start an artistic work, we start with a long journey to search for funding and then the technical infrastructure. These are ready-made basics in other countries."

"In addition to that, we also cared about cinema, which shares our efforts in addition to theatrical work," he added.

The upcoming play will be in the Adenic dialect after translating the text into this distinctive dialect by the cultural figure Amr Al-Eryani.

Al-Eryani told "South24 Center" that the flexibility of the Adenite dialect helped facilitate the task for him.

"Hamlet's play will be in this consensual tone that formed from the distinguished social fabric in Aden throughout history," he added.

Over the past years, Aden has witnessed a decline in artworks as a result of the war that the city went through in 2015.

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