Yemen's PLC holds a virtual meeting. Dec 21, 2022

Yemeni PLC Criticizes the EU Statement


Wed, 21-12-2022 04:09 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Today, Yemen's Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) said that the recent EU statement regarding the cohesion of the Council's components was inaccurate.

In a virtual meeting, the PLC said: "We welcome the European Union's statement, which condemned the Houthi escalation. But it was not accurate on other issues."

"We affirm our support for all political parties and components of the PLC, foremost the Southern Transitional Council (STC)," the statement added.

It also stated that they "affirm respect for all national issues and the political aspirations of the PLC's components."

The statement affirmed the PLC's commitment to continue political, economic and financial reforms, to strengthen the local currency and to pay employees' salaries.

"We stress the importance of mobilizing resources to thwart the Houthi plans aimed at halting economic and service reforms, and the state's obligations towards citizens," the statement also added. 

The statement praised the agreement signed with the Abu Dhabi Energy Company to supply the capital city Aden with a solar power plant with a capacity of 120 megawatts.

According to Saba, the station will operate next June.

The EU Council issued a statement on December 12 calling on the STC to "recognize the fundamental importance of the PLC's unity."

The EU statement added: "The EU specifically affirms its commitment in principle to the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yemen."

In response, the STC, the Consultation and Reconciliation Commission, and members of the Yemeni government criticized this statement.

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