Top Houthi officials visit the military fronts (Houthi media)

Houthis Intensify Threats on South Yemen Borders


Wed, 04-01-2023 11:29 AM, Aden Time

Aden (South24) 

Yesterday, the Iran-backed Houthis announced a high-level visit by political and military officials to the border fronts with South Yemen.

Houthi media said that the head of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi Al-Mashat and others visited fronts in the governorates of Lahj and Al-Dhalea.

According to Al-Masirah TV, Al-Mashat and the Chief of Staff Mohammad Al-Ghamari inspected the Houthi fighters on "Al-Hasha" fronts in Al-Dhalea and "Karsh" in Lahj. 

Houthi media released images showing a number of people, including a man holding binoculars, believed to be Mahdi Al-Mashat.

Hours after the visit, South24 correspondent said that yesterday evening the Southern Forces bombed with mortar shells a gathering of Houthi military leaders behind the "Sabirah" area, northwest of Al-Dhalea governorate. 

This is the first Houthi visit of its kind since the UN truce last April.

The visit coincided with military parades by the Southern Forces in Aden and Lahj, and the establishment of five security brigades in Abyan, as part of efforts to counter-terrorism.

It also comes less than a week after the Iranian foreign minister met with the head of the Houthi negotiating delegation Mohammad Abdul Salam and Omani officials in Muscat.

On December 30, 6 soldiers of the Southern Forces including a field officer were killed in a large-scale Houthi attack northwest of Al-Dhalea.

In a separate context, a person was killed and three others were injured yesterday in an attack targeting a tribal leader in Mudiya district, in the center of Abyan governorate.

According to local sources, sheikh Nasser Al-Majali survived an explosive device explosion eastern Mudiya, while he was on his way home with members of his family.

In a statement, AQAP denied its involvement in the incident. The extremist organization had threatened the Abyan tribes with targeting if they cooperated with the Southern Forces.

In September, the Southern Forces were able to take control of the largest AQAP military training camp, in Wadi Oemran in Mudiyah district.

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