The explosive car while searched. January 27, 2023 (Southern Forces Media)

Aden: Explosive Car Seized While Coming from Taiz


Sat, 28-01-2023 08:54 AM, Aden Time

Aden (South24)

Yesterday, the Security Belt Forces (SBF) announced seizing an explosive car bomb, west of the capital city Aden, coming from Taiz governorate, in North Yemen.

The Southern Forces media said that a "Santa Fe" car was seized in Bir Ahmed area of Al-Buraiqa district in Aden governorate yesterday evening.

According to the Southern Forces media, the car was on a dirt road before it was seized during a large deployment of the SBF.

The security services closed the area surrounding the explosive vehicle and dismantled the bomb by a specialized team.

The site indicated that the process of dismantling and arresting the suspects who were on board the car took place under the supervision of the Public Prosecution in Aden.

The SBF commander Brigadier Mohsen al-Wali said that the car was intensely filled with explosives and tens of kilograms of explosives and "C-4", a highly explosive substance.

"They attempted to cause greater harm to our forces and our city," he added.

Pictures showed the explosive car being dismantled and the bulk of the explosives were camouflaged in the vehicle's doors.

The security services in Aden had earlier accused the Yemeni Transport Brigade and the Houthis of planning and carrying out "terrorist attacks" in Aden.

According to the Counter-Terrorism Forces, the Islah-affiliate commander of the Transport Brigade Amjad Khaled supervises these operations from his home in the city of Turbah, Taiz. Amjad, however, denied these accusations, despite the confessions of the perpetrators.

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