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An AQAP Leader Killed by an Airstrike in Marib


Tue, 31-01-2023 12:14 AM, Aden Time

Marib (South24)

An AQAP leader was killed on Monday in a drone strike in the Northern governorate of Marib in Yemen. According to the Saudi Al-Arabiya TV, it is believed that the strike was carried out by an us drone.

An informed source told "South24", that the airstrike targeted Hassan Al-Hadrami who was an expert in manufacturing of explosive devices in Wadi Obeida along with two companions. 

Pictures showed the vehicle in which AQAP members were on board after it was burned next to a fuel station.

The strike came concurrently with the second phase of Operation "Arrows of the East" carried out by the Southern forces against AQAP in the center of Abyan.

Over the past weeks,the Southern forces were targeted by a number of bombing    attacks in Abyan that killed some  soldiers and leaders.

Wadi Obeida in Marib is considered one of the most important AQAP bastions after the downfall of its  main strongholds in Abyan.

In December 2022, AQAP denied its responsibility for a bombing  operation in Wadi Obeida accusing parties of trying to spoil its relationships with the tribes.

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