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Abyan: 6 Causalities of the Southern Forces in AQAP Bombings


Thu, 16-02-2023 04:19 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24)

Two Southern soldiers were killed and four others were wounded earlier today in an AQAP bombing in Abyan governorate, east of the capital city Aden.

A security source told "South24 Center" that two explosive devices targeted a military vehicle and an ambulance in Mudiya district, in central Abyan.

The attack is the eighth against the Southern forces in Abyan since the beginning of the new year. So far, AQAP attacks killed 16 soldiers and wounded 17 others.

In the context, AQAP acknowledged the killing of two of its prominent members, including the improvised explosive device (IED) expert, "Hassan al-Hadrami," in an air strike on Marib.

An arguably US drone targeted a vehicle with 3 people on board in Wadi Ubaidah, Marib, on January 30.

In a separate context, members of the Special Security Forces and the Traffic Police in Shabwa governorate accused the Yemeni Minister of Interior Ibrahim Haidan of "stealing" their salaries and entitlements.

On Tuesday, the soldiers carried out a vigil in Shabwa's capital city Ataq. They carried slogans calling on the Presidential Leadership Council to intervene to address their situation and hold those responsible to account.

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