Saudi-Led Coalition Starts Military Operation Against Houthis in Yemen's Salif - Reports


Sun, 08-03-2020 01:03 PM, Aden

The #Saudi-led coalition has started a military operation against #Houthi rebels in the coastal village of Salif, in the western province of Hodeidah, Yemen, Al Arabiya reported on Saturday. It also announced the destruction of Houthi sites that were reportedly used for manufacturing explosive-laden boats and drones in Salif.

The coalition asked the civilians in Salif not to approach the targeted sites.

In late February, Saudi Air Defence intercepted and destroyed several ballistic missiles launched from Yemen's capital of Sanaa towards its territory, #Saudi media reported. 

#Yemen has been engulfed in an ongoing armed conflict between pro-Saudi forces led by President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and the Houthis since 2015.

In March the same year, the Saudi-led coalition of mostly #Gulf_state allies began a military operation against the Houthis at Hadi's request to restore him to power. With the help of the coalition, Hadi managed to recapture the Yemeni south and its capital in the city of |#Aden from the Houthis, but the country's north, including the capital of #Sanaa, remains under the Houthis' control.