US Envoy Tim Lenderking (media)

US Envoy Talks on Developments in Yemen and South Issue


Sat, 29-04-2023 11:46 AM, Aden Time

Riyadh (South24) 

US Envoy to Yemen Tim Lenderking said on Friday that the "United States has a firm belief that only Yemenis can decide the future of their country, and that the US is with any efforts by the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) to coordinate on developing a vision for the future of Yemen, including critical issues including South's Issue". 

Lenderking added in statements to the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat: "We reached an international consensus on peace efforts, and we supported the renewed regional participation in the peace efforts that we are witnessing today. The current Saudi and Omani visit to Sanaa represents an important step forward, while related to these efforts".

In response to a question about whether there are real chances this time to end the eight years conflict, Lenderking replied: “In my opinion, the ongoing discussions present the best opportunity for peace that we have seen in years. De-escalation has already saved thousands of lives, and the US supports any peace efforts In Yemen, this war has been prolonged, and it must end as soon as possible".

"Washington clearly sees that a comprehensive Yemeni-Yemeni political process that addresses core issues, such as the allocation of resources, is the one that can permanently resolve the conflict. The path to such a process is difficult, but I hope that we will witness real progress in this direction," he added.

Lenderking avoided talking about guarantees for the Houthis to implement any upcoming agreements, according to the Saudi newspaper. He said, "I do not wish to comment on the details of the sensitive discussions taking place. I think there is an appreciation that many of the issues that the Houthis wish to address can only be settled through UN-mediated Yemeni-Yemeni political process". 

Lenderking praised the internationally recognized Yemeni government and the PLC: "We have previously praised the government of the Republic of Yemen, led by the PLC, for its continued adherence to the terms of the truce agreement in which the UN played a mediating role, as well as for its exercise of restraint in the face of Houthi attacks."

The Envoy commented on the recent Saudi-Iranian agreement and its repercussions on the Yemeni file. "Progress on peace efforts in Yemen - including stopping major Houthi cross-border attacks against Saudi Arabia for more than a year - helped facilitate the agreement," he said.

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