Wheat trucks parked at Al-Rahda port in Taiz governorate - local media

Houthis Prevent Wheat Entry Imported Through the Port of Aden


Tue, 30-05-2023 03:35 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

The Iran-backed Houthis continue to prevent the entry of trucks loaded with imported wheat through the port of Aden into North Yemen.

Local sources told "South24 Center" that the Houthis have seized dozens of trucks for more than a week at Al-Rahda land port in Taiz governorate.

The sources indicated that the Houthi authorities did not explain the reasons for the detention of the trucks. The sources suggested that this is related to the Houthis' desire to pressure merchants to import through the port of Hodeidah.

On Monday, the Houthi Political Council member Sultan Al-Samie criticized these measures. He tweeted: "Why insist on seizing the wheat trucks at Al-Rahda Customs, which is exposed to rain?"

He added, "Is it reasonable for wheat to be milled in Aden and once again to be carried by sea to Hodeidah?"

In a related context, the Yemeni Gas Company in Marib (subject to the Yemeni government) accused the Houthis of preventing the arrival of gas coming from Marib to the group's control areas as well.

The company said that the Houthis sell domestic gas imported through the port of Hodeidah to citizens, despite the cost difference. Local media reported that the Houthis had been importing Iranian gas for weeks.

The Chambers of Commerce in Sanaa also accused the Houthis of imposing measures "aimed at harming the private sector", including closing companies and seizing goods, according to the local "Al-Masdar Online" website.

The Saudi-led Coalition provided unprecedented facilities for imports through the Houthi-controlled port of Hodeidah earlier this year, in conjunction with direct talks between Riyadh and the Houthis.

The Stockholm Agreement on Hodeidah (2018) granted the Houthis management of the port of Hodeidah in exchange for allocating the revenues to pay the salaries of employees in the regions of North Yemen. The Yemeni government accuses the Houthis of not complying with that.

The Houthis have not officially commented on these accusations. However, their newspaper (September 26) reported yesterday the arrival of supplies of imported gas through the port of Hodeidah to Aden and other cities.

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