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Explosive Device Attack Against the SBF in Al-Dhalea


Tue, 06-06-2023 02:29 PM, Aden

Al-Dhalea (South24) 

Yesterday, a prominent commander in the Southern Security Belt Forces (SBF) was wounded in Al-Dhalea governorate and his escort was killed in an explosive device attack.

A military source told "South24 Center" that officer Ali Al-Uqla was injured and his escort was killed in an explosive device attack in the city of Qataba, north of Al-Dhalea governorate.

No party has claimed the attack yet. Security sources told "South24 Center" that investigation teams are following up the incident to find the perpetrators.

Al-Uqla was one of the field commanders on the northwest fronts of Al-Dhalea against the Houthi militia, according to sources in the SBF.

The attack came in light of the military escalation by the Houthi militia in Al-Dhalea using drones.

On Saturday, a Houthi drone targeted a civilian car in the "Batar" area, north of Al-Dhalea, just two days after a similar attack targeted an ambulance in the "Al-Fakher" area.

On Sunday, the Southern Forces announced that they had confronted a Houthi attack on Karish front, north of Lahj governorate. It said it had inflicted losses on the Houthis.

The Houthis launch sporadic attacks against the Southern forces in the governorates of Lahj and Al-Dhalea, using drones and mortars.

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