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AQAP Attacks the Southern Forces with Drones Once Again


Mon, 12-06-2023 09:27 AM, Aden Time

Shabwa (South24)

Today, a drone, believed to belong to Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), attacked a security checkpoint for the Southern forces in Shabwa governorate.

South24 correspondent reported that a drone targeted a checkpoint of the Shabwa Defense Forces in Al-Musina'a area of Al-Saeed district.

The attack did not leave any casualties, and the Southern forces intercepted the drone, according to the correspondent.

This attack is the third of its kind in less than a month, after two drone attacks in mid-May.

The attack comes one day after the AQAP operation, with gunmen, targeting a security checkpoint of the Shabwa Defense Forces in the same area.

The operation left five dead and wounded from the Southern forces, while one AQAP member was killed, according to the Deraa Aljanoob website.

Hours before that attack, AQAP also released a video in which it attacked the Southern forces and the UAE.

AQAP uses drone technology for the first time after the Iranian-backed Houthi militia monopolized it since 2015.

The organization has significantly escalated its attacks since the beginning of this year, after heavy losses in Abyan by the Southern forces.

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