The Southern Forces tracking AQAP members in Wadi Oemran in central Abyan (Archive)

7 Causalities of the Southern Forces in an AQAP Attack in Abyan


Sat, 17-06-2023 02:23 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24)

Earlier today, a soldier from the Southern forces was killed and 6 others were wounded in an attack believed to be by AQAP and carried out using explosive devices in Abyan governorate, east of the capital city Aden.

Security source to "South24 center" that 3 explosive devices planted by AQAP in Mudiya district in central Abyan targeted two military vehicles of the Southern forces and an ambulance.

The security source explained that the three explosions occurred simultaneously in one place. AQAP has not yet claimed the attack and is likely to do so at a later time.

Since the beginning of this year, the extremist organization has intensified its attacks against the Southern forces. These attacks reached their peak in recent weeks with the use of drones in Shabwa governorate.

AQAP targeted the Shabwa Defense Forces with several drone attacks in Al-Musain'a area of Al-Saeed district, and it also carried out other attacks using gunmen, explosive devices, and explosive motorcycles.

AQAP had lost its most important strongholds at the hands of the Southern forces in Abyan at the end of last year, during the "Arrows of the East" operation, which targeted the central regions of Abyan.

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