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8 Causalities of the Southern Forces in AQAP Attacks


Thu, 22-06-2023 12:51 AM, Aden Time

Abyan (South24) 

Today, a soldier from the Southern forces was killed and 7 others were wounded in attacks using explosive devices, believed to be of AQAP, in the center of Abyan governorate.

A security source told "South24 Center" that AQAP detonated 3 explosive devices in a military vehicle and two ambulances for the Southern forces in Mudiya district in Abyan.

The first explosive device targeted a military vehicle in the "Qarn Ashal" area in Mudiya district, while the two explosives exploded in two ambulances in the "Al-Baqira" area, according to the security source.

In a simultaneous attack today, a drone believed to be for AQAP, targeted a site of the Shabwa Defense Forces in Al-Musina'a area of Al-Saeed district, in Shabwa governorate.

This attack is the 33rd by AQAP against the Southern forces since the beginning of this year, according to monitoring conducted by "South24 Center".

AQAP carried out these attacks in the governorates of Shabwa and Abyan, using explosive devices, gunmen and drones, killing nearly 29 soldiers and wounding 59 others.

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