Southern forces in Abyan during Swords of Haws operation (local media)

Abyan Security Director: We Will Prevent AQAP Infiltration from Al-Bayda


Wed, 23-08-2023 04:41 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24)

Abyan Security Director, Brigadier General Ali Nasser Al-Kazmi, announced today that the Southern forces have fully taken control of the mountains and reefs of the bordering Wadi Jenin between the governorates of Abyan and Al-Bayda.

In a statement by Deraa Aljanoob website he said: "Our security and military units were able to deploy to all areas surrounding Wadi Jenin, where AQAP members were stationed".

"The specialized units are continuing to remove mines and explosives planted by the terrorist AQAP organization." We will continue our progress to block the routes through which AQAP members infiltrate from the Yemeni governorate of Al-Bayda," he added.

Deraa Aljanoob website revealed a campaign being carried out by the security forces in the Shabwa governorate, adjacent to Abyan, on the borders of the two governorates, to "tighten the grip on the terrorist AQAP organization."

The Southern forces official spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Al-Naqeeb, said: "The Arrows of the East operation, which is being carried out by our Southern Armed Forces in Abyan governorate, is an extension of the regional and international war against terrorism."

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A few days ago, the Southern forces announced the control of new strongholds for AQAP in Mudiya district of Abyan governorate. The Arrows of the East operation against AQAP completed its first year on August 23.

These progresses by the Southern forces comes two weeks after the assassination of the commander of the Security Belt  Forces in Abyan, Brigadier General Abdulatif Al-Sayyed, in a terrorist attack by AQAP in Mudiya district.

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The attack killed other people, including a prominent tribal sheikh. In response, several tribes in Abyan declared their support for the Southern forces and warned anyone affiliated with AQAP to be targeted.

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