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Aden: «South24 Center» Concludes a Research Training Course


Sat, 26-08-2023 10:58 AM, Aden Time

Aden (South24)

On Thursday, 'South24 Center for News and Studies' concluded a training course in Aden about writing research papers in partnership with the ‘Youth Forum for Political Development'.

The course is part of a training program that helps youth to master research skills. The course targeted 10 interns of both genders. They included young graduates and students from the University of Aden as well as rising talents in the research field.

From the training room.

The course lasted for 5 days from 20 to 25 August. It consisted of 20 training hours delivered by Southern researcher Hisham Alkaff who is Executive Director of the Knowledge Center for Strategic Researches and Studies.

Female interns.

The interns received basic knowledge on how to write a research paper. Moreover, practical training was intensely applied over the five training days. On the final day, interns submitted initial draft research papers as a training task to be entitled to receive the course certificate.

The interns received free certificates for their participation in the course, submitted by both 'South24 Center' and 'Youth Forum for Political Development'.

Submitting a participation certificate to an intern.

Furthermore, they received for free some 'South24 Center' publications delivered by our Director of Aden's Office Jacob Al-Sufyani.

Distributing "South24 Center's publications.

The interns also were asked to fill a form to provide 'South24 Center' with ideas and proposals including research papers. The aim behind this is to give   everyone the opportunity to deliver proposals that will be sponsored by 'South24 Center'.
An intern receiving a participation certificate.

The second course about "drafting investigative reports" is scheduled to begin in early September in Aden to achieve the aforementioned training program.

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