Ethiopian Migrants Cause Riots in Aden


Sat, 09-09-2023 01:43 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Massive riots broke out in Aden yesterday, as a result of a knife fight between illegal Ethiopian migrants.

A local source told "South24 Center" that dozens of Ethiopians fought each other with daggers and knifes in Sheikh Othman district in Aden.

According to medical sources, the confrontations caused many injuries. The riots also spread to other areas in Aden.

According to the local source, the confrontations had ethnic and religious dimensions between the Ethiopian Oromo and Amhara ethnicities.

Video clips showed violent confrontations between young Ethiopian men using wooden batons.

Immediately, Aden Security Department issued a statement regarding these events.

The statement said: “We followed very carefully the unfortunate events [..] resulting from a fight between groups of illegal migrants from the Horn of Africa.”

"We intervened to disengage the clash in order to preserve public order, in accordance with the rules and legal procedures," it added.

The statement continued, "what Aden witnessed as a result of these unfortunate events requires radical solutions of the illegal migrants issues".

Aden Security Department called on the United Nations and the concerned authorities to focus on the file of illegal African migrants.

Aden has hosted tens of thousands of illegal African migrants for years.

These migrants are settled in an unorganized manner in the neighborhoods and streets of the city.

According to the International Organization for Migration, 90,806 African migrants were recorded arriving in Yemen from the beginning of the year until August 31.

South24 Center had discussed in a previous report the file of African migrants in Aden.

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